Student Research Society

In modern Russia a problem of formation of an active personality is a necessary condition for further reforms and youth involvement into the process.

The Youth is only partly included into a system of social relation and social structure however it constitutes a renovative force, an innovative element, spiritual and powerful reserve, which came to the foreground and comes into action, when the society needs profound changes and at the same time to adopt to rapidly changing market conditions.

In connection with the above the implementation of economic and social changes in Russia, requires well — educated, creative specialists, to whom education is the necessary factor, which determines both the position of the state in the modern world and position of a person in a society.

However in the recent decade many achievements of our education has been lost, that is why the current state policy in education calls for strengthening the image of education and science in public consciousness as determining factors for the development of Russian society.

In the above context we not that in condition of rapid growth of influence of science and the technology on the world processes globalization of economy Russia faces the urgent problem of reproduction and strengthening of its research potential. On the current stage one of the priority tasks of the state is support and development of Russian science.

Belgorod state technological university named after V. G. Shoukhov is leading research centre of building materials industry and construction conducting fundamental and applied research. And as we think it can and must be a basis for the development of student research, symbolizing the transition from current scientific relation of the youth to e new, in term of quality, structural level of development, which is epoch-making.

Accepting necessity for strengthening and further development of student’s research, creating favorable conditions for training and formation of future teachers, research workers and practical specialists with higher professional education and highest qualification the university administration considers it important to establish such structure as Students Russian Society of BSTU (SRS of BSTU).

Students Russian Society is community of students, taking their courses at BSTU. We need to note that SRS of BSTU is quite young, but significant organization in the university structure.

And this has reasonable prerequisites as student’s research is mandatory, integral part of specialist training and is included into tasks of the university, solved on the basis of integrity of academic and research processes. Students’ research serves to their formation as creative personalities, able to reasonable and effective solution emerging theoretical and applied problems

In its activity SRS obeys Russian Legislation, Charter of BSTU and Provisions of SRS of BSTU.

The primary SRS goal is to create and develop favorable conditions for formation specialists in demand, by intensifying students’ research, their participation in fundamental and applied research, conducted at the university: to ensure on opportunity for each student to realize the right for creative development depending on abilities and demands.

The above purpose became the ground for setting and solving the following tasks:

  • Training a competitive Russian student, namely a student of BSTU, to enable a students’ flexibility, social and professional mobility in dynamic and developing economic space.

  • Providing assistance to student in independent scientific research and organization support of their work.

  • Due information support concerning scheduled scientific conference, contests, exhibition and participates;

  • Involving student into events at the university, local, regional , all-Russian and international levels, as well as arrangement and holding these events at the BSTU;

  • Support for the use of research results in the training process;

  • Students involvement into innovative activity, development of the skill to complete research to fit the implementation level;

  • Teaching the students to follow the principles of production management and preparing research and technological document;

  • Establishing and promoting cooperation with SRS of other universities with the purpose of joint research and exchange of experience.

SRS is managed by the SRS Council consisting of SRS head, doctor of science (technology), professor, head of the Applied Maths Department Konstantin Ivanovich Logachev, Chairman of SRS Council, a student of Engineering and Ecologycal Faculty Ruslan Mukhammedov: department head, SRS secretary.

Meeting of SRS Council are held monthly to solve the current issues in the activity of the society.

Each may Prof. Valery Stanislavovich Lesovik, Doctor of science (technology) approves the Plan of Events held by SRS.

According to the plan, on October 7,2004, the first meeting of SRS Council was held "Modern methods of economical reform in condition of innovation stage of its development. The meeting was arranged by SRS division — Faculty of economic and management of BSTU. This specific problem was chosen on the basis of growing interest to innovative activity.

The meeting of SRS Council for science and technology are held monthly for approbation of completed, interim and production student research according to field of university activities in the field of science and education.

All the above will allow the following:

  • Enhance the quality of academic process by student participation in applied methodological, explorative, and fundamental research;

  • Improve efficiency of research and technical events of students research (SR);

  • Sufficient funding of students projects, including means, received from off-badger source and innovative activity of the university;

  • Establishing and activity of business , research and creative associations of students with different organizational and legal forms;

  • Encouraging Academic staff and research specialists in arranging and management of SR;

Also, one of the objectives, determining efficiency is the development of joint information space not only within Belgorod oblast, but also with others states, friendly to Russia and Ukraine in particular, which is friendly to Russia.

Establishing of firm ties with SRS of different Ukrainian Universities will ensure tense cooperation of scientists from the both countries and allows to realize international programs and projects, which, in its turn, is a keystone to our success.

Summarizing the above, the youth research organizations, in particular, SRS of BSTU, are central in formation of student science, which is fundamental basis of formation of state scientific potential, that ensures development of Russian society.