Peter Federovich Ushakov
Director of the museum,
candidate of science (History),
the winner of General Vatutin’s award
Room 203 academic building

The university museum was established in 1980 , right after the completion of construction of the main university building.
During 28 years the museum has extended its collection with hundreds of documents and now it contains over 1700 different materials concerning the university life and its achievements.
The museum has information stands for each faculty, telling about their history, achievements and prospects for developments.
Visitors are attracted by the exposition dedicated to the life and activity of V.G. Shukhov, an outstanding inventor, whose name was given to our University. In addition to the exposition there appeared a “Shukhov’s corner”, located on the second floor of the academic building with new exhibits and photos.
All first year students’ groups are obliged to visit a museum, the specialists tell the students about the development of the university, its achievements, traditions, scientific schools, outstanding researchers.
The museum organizers the tours of Belgorod and excursions to Prokhorovka Tank Battle Field for the students and university visitors.
The following people have become the honoured visitors of the museum: members of Russian Rectors Council, headed by academician V.Sadovnichiy, the rector of Moscow state university, Nobel Prize laureate G. Alferov , F.F. Fursenko, minister of education and science of Russian Federation, State Dume deputies G. Golikov and V. Ryzhkov, E. Savcheko, Oblast Governor, German delegation headed by professor H. Oygen, representatives of The Association of Construction Universities and m,any others.
Among the forms of the activity of the museum are exhibitions like ones dedicated to the 60-th anniversary of the Victory, oath given by the students of the military department in the city of Kursk, personal photography exhibitions of professor V.Minko and M. Voronin, a student.
The visual arts exhibition «Youth creativity» was dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the University, representing students’ artistic works made by Boris Kozyr, Jury Litovchenko, Julia Mironenko, Natalia Uvarova, Alexey Pachlkalov.
 18 exhibitions has been held only in a two-year period since opening new halls of the museum. They were dedicated to the Year of the Russian Language, the Year of the Family, the Year of the Youth, 65-th anniversary of the tank battle near Prokhorovka.
Exhibits of the University museum

Recently the following new exhibits were added to the collection: university banners, which were placed on highest mountain peals like Lenen’s Peak, Cho-Oyo peak in Himalayas, photo album with pictures made by students of North Caucasus BSTU branch during their climbing the Elbrus mountain , cups and medals, awards to Show Plus dancing group, souvenirs personally presented by G. Shipulin, head coach of local volleyball team, stands devoted to nanotechnology, glass items made by “Crystal” training and experimental facility, banners of institutes and faculties. Due to the support from the university management the museum purchased video equipment to watch films about university and prepare presentations.
The museum is open from 10.00 до 16.00 on weekdays.