Much attention at the university is paid for formation healthy life-style for all students. That was the reason to establish Healthcare Centre which includes a medical service centre, Healthcare prophylactic sanatorium and summer youth camp «Technolog» located in the suburbs of the town of Borisovka.

Medical service centre is located in Hostel № 1. Two doctors provide medical consultancy: a general practitioner for students and a therapist for the academic staff and the employees. The most illnesses among students are connected with:

  1. Respiratory organs;
  2. Nervous system;
  3. Injuries and illnesses of musculoskeletal system .

Each year, at the start of study period, all students have preventive medical examination.

As a result, dispensary observation group is formed to have treatment and prophylactic in the University sanatorium.

First-year students suffer mostly from illnesses of musculoskeletal apparatus and central nervous system, eye illness and gastrointestinal diseases.

Ander the care of therapist there are 1920 of teachers and professors. The most of illnesses are connected with cardiovascular system (hypertonia, cardioischemia, arrthimia), illnesses musculoskeletal system (deformance asteoarthrosis, arthritis, osteochondrosis), vascular dystonia, catarrhal illnesses.

The university is doing much for illness prophylactic and health improvement of University teachers, professors, employees and students. There is scheduled medical examination, season prophylactic treatment courses, X-ray examination. 60% of the employees have had medical examination on the basis of Polyclinic

№ 6 and № 7. According to results of the medical examination the most widespread health disorders among employees are illnesses of circulatory system organs, musculoskeletal system, respiratory organs.

The daytime sanatorium is located situated in hostel № 2. It contains a therapy section and a physiotherapy unit.

Different treatment methods are available, such as electromagnetic therapy, phototherapy, laser therapy, UHF therapy, electrophoresis, ultrasonic therapy, inhalation. The latest method of ozone therapy, general magneto therapy are also used. Hydropath section with hydro massage bath and treatment shower units. There is also a diagnostic unit and a room for psychological relaxation providing health-improving and relaxation massage with «Nuga Best» treatment bed.

In summer students and staff members have the opportunity to relax in the «Technolog» youth camp. You find all necessary conditions for rest and rehabilitation: spectacular surroundings, fresh air, filled with natural pine fragrance, sport games, catering with the consideration of special healthy diet.

M. Semenenko, Chief Physician