Faculty of mechanical equipment for construction industry was established on July 27, 1970 by the order of the deputy - minister of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of USSR № 513., associate professor S.K. Krasnikov was elected as the first dean. Structurally the faculty consisted of four departments: 

    * Department of "Mechanical equipment and machine building technology"; 
    * Department of 'Materials Science and Technology of Metals "; 
    * Department of 'Machine parts and Theory of Mechanisms and Machines "; 
    * Department of "Descriptive Geometry and Graphics" 

In 1972 the first 42 mechanical engineers became faculty graduates. 

In June 1973, after the reorganization of the department "Mechanical equipment, machine parts and the theory of machines and mechanisms" was formed the department of "Machinery". Associate professor V. Berezovoy became the first department head. Since then, the Department of Mechanical equipment has been the leading department of the Faculty to train Mechanical Engineers for construction industry. 

In 1988, the Faculty established the Department of "Machinery and Equipment  for Industrial Ecology" (Head of Department - Assistant Professor V.A Minko), but later the department came to Construction and Engineering Faculty. 

In April 1994, Belgorod Technological Institute of Building Materials got the status of the State Technological Academy of Building Materials and Life Safety department was opened the same year (Department Head - Associate Professor V.I. Filippov). 

In 1996 a new graduation department "Road-building machines" was opened. 

In 2003, the department of "machine parts and mechanisms," was transformed into the Department "Technological systems and machinery" (Head of Department - Prof. V.S Sevostianov). 

 By the decision of the Academic Council of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov, starting from October 17, 2005, the Faculty of mechanical equipment for construction industry was reorganized into the Institute of Technological Equipment and Systems (ITES).

Since September 1, 2011 Institute of technological equipment and machine building (ITEM) has been established by the merger of the Institute of technological equipment and units and Institute of technology and computerization of machine building (ITCM).