Institute of Information Technologies and Operating Systems

About the Institute

Institute of Information Technology and Operating Systems
In modern conditions the sphere of information technologies and control systems is the most advanced and popular in Russia. Control systems are being actively implemented in all sectors of production. Computer communication are being widely used and developed, the need to upgrade  software is growing.
The objectives of the institute are training of highly qualified engineers in the design and operation of modern automation and control systems and communications
, software and administration of computer networks.


Vasiliy Grigorievich Rubanov 

Honored worker of Science of RF;
Acting member (academician)
of Russian metrological Academy;
Corresponding member of 
International Information Academy;
Doctor of technical sciences, professor

Valery Zalmanivich Magergut

Deputy Director on academic and research activity

Elena Nikolaevna Korobkova

Assistant professor, PhD

Deputy director on educational work


From the History of the Institute

On September 27, 2005, The Academic Council of BSTU named after V.G. Shoukhov made a decision on transformation of the faculty of Atomized manufacturing process and information technologies into the Institute of Information Technologies and Operating Systems, including 3 following departments responsible for graduate qualification:

· Computer software and automated systems, (Department head -professor Vladimir Mikhailovich Polakov, PhD)

Engineering cybernetics, (Department head –professor Vasily Grigorievich Rubanov, Doctor of Technical sciences)

Information technologies (IТ). (Department head –professor Igor Vladimirovich Ivanov, PhD)

 Scientific schools, activities, development

• Theory and methods for the design of microprocessor systems, process control and manufacturing equipment
• Methods of analysis and synthesis of automated control systems with fractional irrational transfer functions, robust systems class, fuzzy and intelligent control systems and positioning of adaptive systems supervisors: Prof. V.G. Rubanov, Doctor of Technical Sciences,Professor Magergut V.Z, Ph.D., professor Kizhuk A.S.
• Software and hardware automation systems, automated supervisory systems and computer simulators, supervisors: Ph.D., associate professor A.V. Belousov, Professor Magergut V.Z.
• Simulation of automation objects and automatic control systems, supervisors: Prof. V.G. Rubanov, Ph.D., Associate Professor Filatov A.G.
• Problems with the training quality while implementing educational programs in higher educational institutions, supervisors: Prof. V.G. Rubanov, Ph.D., professor, Polyakov V.M., Ph.D., Associate Professor Velichko D.V.

Achievements in scientific and educational process
• Exhibition in the framework of the regional scientific andpractical conference "The Belgorod Region: Past, Present, Future" (December 2009, Belgorod State University)
• Regional Exhibition "Innovations - into Business" (February 2010, BSTU)
• Exhibition of projects on National Youth Forum "Seliger - 2010" in the area of innovation and technical creativity (July 2010, Tver oblast, Lake Seliger)
• Central exhibition at Vth science festival in All-Russian Exhibition Centre